To work with grassroots nonprofit organizations & local for businesses to grow their capacity and be effective throughout the community in which they serve with proven measurable outcomes and noticeable economic impact.

The Urban Institute of Excellence in Certifications provides a full range of services including:

Non-Profit Businesses
  • Board Training and Governance
  • Capacity Building
  • Collaborative Partnership Opportunities
  • Creation and Implementation of Marketing and Outreach programs
  • Creation of Evaluation Instruments
  • Development of Volunteer Programs
  • Program Design
  • Resource Development Services
  • Strategic & Succession Planning

For-Profit Businesses
  • Business Capital Strategies
  • Business Growth & Development
  • Business Plans
  • Business Start-Up
  • Business Strategy Sessions
  • Business Sustainability
  • Financial Forecasting
  • Business Forms

We work with grassroots nonprofit organizations & for-profit businesses to:
  • Grow capacity, help them be effective throughout the community and create a set of measurable outcomes
  • Develop internal policies and day-to-day administrative practices and controls to develop long-term sustainability
  • Provide leadership training and drive effective board recruitment that results in overall stability and growth
  • Provide technical assistance in social media, marketing and community outreach

We provide:
  • Best practices in accounting, budget planning, budget creation, budget implementation, use of commercial accounting systems, grant management and fund allocation and valuing of in-kind donations
  • Strategic planning, program development, board development and staff retreats
  • Needs assessments and development of program outcomes
  • Tools to improve daily stability and long-term sustainability
  • In-service trainings to volunteer and staff

Board Members:

Odette Robinson – President
Sherry Parrish - Secretary
Shandra Stringer - Executive Director