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Grant Writing and Fund Development

This popular course is an excellent way for administrators, directors, program staff and volunteers to gain a general understanding of the elements required for successful grantseeking. Equal attention is given to the needs and interests of your organization and grantmakers. Participants receive Word and Excel templates to help them develop grant proposals, and a certificate of completion is provided. Topics include:
  • Researching and identifying grant opportunities
  • Approaching grantmakers prior to applying
  • Planning programs and budgets before writing grants
  • Preparing information and materials typically required in grant applications
Cost: $89 per person, includes refreshments, lunch, training materials (inquire about group discounts)

Board Training

A Productive Board of Directors
Nonprofit boards of directors vary widely. Most spend time helping their organizations be more effective, but few give the same attention to how the board could do its job better. A truly effective board understands its role and responsibilities in the context of the entire organization, and is willing to monitor its own performance on a regular basis. Though it can be difficult at first, boards that pay attention to how they're doing find it makes their job easier. Topics include:
  • Responsibilities and expectations of board members
  • Using a "job description" as a means of guiding your board
  • Structuring relationships between the board, committees, and staff
  • Getting committees to do the work of the board
  • Assessing your board’s needs and recruiting new members
Cost: $75 per person, includes training materials, refreshments, parking, and documents and templates that boards of directors may customize for their specific needs (inquire about group discounts)

Evaluation Basics

"It won't hurt--we promise. Hey, it might even be good for your organization!" The benefits of evaluating and reporting your organization’s results can be significant: improved program performance, enhanced credibility, increased funding, and satisfying demands for accountability. This workshop is geared towards administrators, program staff, and grantseekers who would like to learn evaluation basics in a practical, non-threatening way. Through a combination of lecture and group discussion, you will:
  • Learn about fundamental evaluation concepts and definitions, including how to develop components of an evaluation model
  • Gain an understanding of how to build organizational capacity based on realistic program plans and objectives
Cost: $50 per person, includes materials, refreshments, and free parking